Dr. R. Indarjani

Dr. Indarjani is the Deputy Director for Programme of SEAMEO QITEP in Science (SEAQIS) where she has been since 2012. Prior to joining SEAQIS, she spent her career as Vice Rector for Academic Affairs of the Islamic University of As-Syafi’iyah. Currently, she still actively serves as a lecturer at the university to share her knowledge in Biology major as she earned her Ph.D. in Marine Ecology from University of Adelaide, South Australia.

During her term in SEAQIS, the Centre has charted an ambitious course of progress, innovation, and change with the development of various programmes to leverage the quality of science teachers and education personnel in Southeast Asia Region. She took a vital role in the implementation of digital class in the region as SEAQIS was mandated to become leading centre of Adopting 21st Century Curriculum in Southeast Asia through SEA Digital Class Programme.

Her expertise is internationally recognised as she frequently shares her ideas in many of forums organised by internationals organization including UNESCO. Furthermore, she becomes member of the Global Inter-Academy Partnership Science Education Program (IAP SEP) Programme which allows her to contribute to global science education development.

She is also known as one of initiators of STEM Education implementation in Indonesia. Her broad network has helped the Centre to collaborate with numerous prominent institutions in designing programmes related to the implementation of STEM Education in the country.