Mr. Oksen Lisovyi
For 15 years, Dr. Oksen Lisovyi has been in charge of the National Centre “Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine”. At the time of its creation, the National Center got the responsibilities from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine to develop science education in Ukraine, raise future scientists, attract young people to scientific activities, devise methodic instruments for the wide application of scientific education principles at schools, improve and develop children’s intellectual abilities.
The success of methodic solutions and projects in the field of scientific education by the JASU was recognized by the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. As a result, in 2008, the JASU obtained the status of double subordination to the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. In 2010, the JASU with Oksen Lisovyi in its charge obtained the status of a National Centre.  
As a result of the effective international cooperation, methodic and didactic solutions created by the National Centre have been obtaining international recognition, which was expressed in the status UNESCO Category 2 Centre given by the General Director of UNESCO in 2018.
Today, the tasks include spreading the practice of science education, support of local production of laboratory equipment for scientific education at schools. The main priorities are school teachers’ training in terms of principles, approaches, and practices of scientific education at schools, the motivation of school students to study science, development of emotional intellect, creative and constructive thinking of children, active position in terms of social, public, ecological and other actual problems for the community.
One of the main reasons of such success is effective management, the creation of smart partners’ network and cooperation, selection of highly qualified and motivated staff as well as the active international cooperation organized by Oksen Lisovyi. 
In 2007, Oksen Lisovyi was awarded the Certificate by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine for his significant contribution to the development of gifted youth, success in raising the intellectual creative potential of young scientists and their attraction to scientific work. In 2009, he obtained the award pin by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine “Excellent Worker of Education”.
The Decree of the President of Ukraine No 583/2012 of October 6, 2012 “On awarding of State Prizes of Ukraine in the field of education in 2012” awarded to Oksen Lisovyi the State Prize of Ukraine in the field of education in the nomination “Preschool and extracurricular education” for the cycle of works “The All-Ukrainian educational web-portal “The Island of knowledge”.
In 2012, Oksen Lisovyi successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis in the specialty “Philosophic anthropology, philosophy of culture” and obtained a Ph.D. degree. Today, he continues scientific activities. During his work in the NC “JASU”, over 250 scientific publications of the Centre and 25 authors’ scientific publication have been published under the editorship of Oksen Lisovyi.