The Sukkur Institute of Business Administration is a public sector degree awarding Institute approved by Higher Education Commission and chartered by the Government of Sindh. In 1994, the Sukkur Institute of Business Administration was established for business education, initially in the hired building of Public School, Sukkur. The Senate is the governing body of the Institute. Governor of Sindh is the chancellor. Initially, Sukkur IBA was affiliated to IBA Karachi.

The mission of Sukkur IBA is to contribute and serve community by imparting knowledge through innovative teaching and applied research at the global levels of excellence. We aim to establish and sustain a competitive meritorious environment by strengthening faculty and using state-of-the-art technology to produce graduates with analytical & creative thinking, leadership skills and entrepreneurial spirit, who possess global outlook and are conscious of ethical values.

IBA Community College Khairpur is the first Community College of Pakistan working under umbrella of Sukkur IBA University. There are 12 other Community colleges are functioning under administration of Sukkur IBA University.

Vision of Sukkur IBA University to bridge the gap between urban and rural communities by ensuring accessible and affordable high quality (Primary and Secondary) education and Vocational/technical training programs using modern teaching-learning methods for students of rural communities. IBA Community Colleges are to be leading institutes in academic and vocational /technical programs, characterized by continuous improvement, innovation, and community responsiveness visualize a future where quality education is accessible and affordable for all.